Hazardous Condiments

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Some people want to take eating the right thing a step further and be mindful of the awful way factory farm animals are treated.  With all the times I’ve mentioned and advertised McDonald’s, I owe it to a vegan friend of mine to write a word about this issue. 

Scrubbed techies Joe and his friend Joshua dine at McDonald’s but they don’t eat any of the food for sale there.  They buy it across the street at Whole Foods and carry it over.  Even the water they drink doesn’t come from McDonald’s.  They bring it with them in special cartons.  I bring my computer and Joe helps me with my web site while they both peruse the room for girls they’d like to meet.  At this they have some success, since they are both attractive and aren’t homeless.

          There are serious health concerns about eating the poisoned products of corporations.  With their great political and financial power, huge companies have tweaked our laws protecting the public’s health until they don’t apply to them.  Authorities move in if a lady sells tamales from a grocery cart, but they look the other way as corporations put toxic chemicals in all we eat, make GMO’s that could destroy the Earth’s ecosystems, kill all the bees with pesticides, and package everything with plastic that gives us cancer.

          The meat we eat from grocery stores comes from animals so packed together that they can’t move and must spend their lives standing in their own fecal matter.  Cows are pumped with antibiotics to limit the amount of pus in the milk from their infected, bleeding udders.  Baby chicks have their beaks cut off so they won’t peck each other to death, packed in crates as tightly-crowded as in the Nazi boxcars with victims going to the concentration camps. 

Cattle are infused with female hormones to make them fatter, lowering our sperm counts.  Then they’re hung upside-down by their feet from a hellish contraption that moves along slowly with endless rows of terrified, tortured animals in line to have their throats slit.  The video didn’t say how long they have to hang there like that.  All their terror and agony, in the form of adrenalin, is in every bite of the burger we eat. 

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it turns out that workers at slaughterhouses and meat packing plants are denied bathroom breaks and are advised to wear diapers while they work, so the line won’t be slowed down.  I suspect that this one might be another offensive, ineffective and overreaching liability rule: keeping the employees from going to the bathroom and making them sit in diapers might make the meat “safer” from contamination. 

          When I saw Joe enter McDonald’s, I quickly went up to the counter and changed my McNuggets order to two orders of French fries.  The fries were made with GMO potatoes, fried in cancer-producing overheated oil, and sprinkled with heart-killing salt, but they didn’t involve torturing animals.  They didn’t taste very good either, and were not that hot, barely palatable except for the chemical cocktail in the dipping sauce.  

          As I started to try to stuff these down Joe made a request.  I was pleasantly surprised that a young man who looked so worldly-wise would ask that we pray and give thanks at the meal.

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